Jobseekers FAQ

How to save a job?

To save jobs, you must first create a Jobseekers account and then save the job by clicking the heart button.

How to apply for a job?

If you apply for a job posted by ASAP, you will be requested to upload your CV, which will be sent to the company that posted the job and Employer will email you if you are selected.

How to create a weekly job alert?

You can create a job alert by clicking the job alert button and entering your email, the job keyword you're looking for, and the city. Our system will then send you job alerts weekly.

How to stop job alert?

You can unsubscribe quickly by looking at the bottom of the email where it gives you the option to unsubscribe. You can also acancel the job alert by signing up with the email you receive job alerts on and going to options.

Employers FAQ

How to post a job?

You can sign up as an Employer by clicking the "post free job" button, filling out a few details, and following the instructions.

How to delete a job listing?

You can delete your job advertisement by navigating to "my posted jobs" in your employer dashboard and clicking delete.

How to accept an employee?

If you want to hire a job candidate, go to "job applicants" on the Employers dashboard page and click email to let the applicant know.

Why is my job listing not showing?

All job postings must go through a manual review procedure; if accepted, your job posting will appear within 24 hours.